About ProChemist / McAfee Consulting LLC

Carl McAfee, PhD

Main Business Units

  • Consulting and Problem Solving
  • Analytical Testing & Polymer Characterization
  • Designed Experiment Training & Software Platforms
  • Polymer Compound Development &Physical Property Testing
  • Technical Recruiting & Placement Services

We Offer Our Clients

  • A Global Network of Chemists & Engineers
  • Designed Experiment Training & Software
  • Extensive Rubber & Plastics Expertise
  • Polymer Design, Development, & Analysis
  • Structure Property Relationships
  • Technical Service & Problem Solving
  • Analytical Services & Testing Capabilities
  • Access to emerging technologies from major US companies

Founder - Carl David McAfee, Ph.D.

Carl is the founder of McAfee Consulting LLC, the consulting firm behind the professional technical, chemical and analytical services of prochemist.com. Before starting his own business, Carl worked as a technical director at Chase Elastomer Corporation and a project leader at The Dow Chemical Company. In addition, during his student years, Carl did work in the areas of analytical techniques (all), nuclear chemistry, mass spectrometry, field ion microscopy, time-of-flight mass spectrometry and atomic absorption analyses of precious metals. Carl's areas of specialty include analytical chemistry, polymer science, photochemistry and designed experiments.

pdfCarl David McAfee, Ph.D. Resume

pdfCarl David McAfee, Ph.D. Publications

Texas A&M Science - Former Student Spotlight Article: "ONE MAN’S TRASH: 1990 Texas A&M Graduate Carl McAfee Using Polymer Chemistry, Recycled Materials to Make Sustainable Impact"
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